The SMAT Number service provides personal identity to any business or customer who subscribes to it.

A SMAT Number service is a recall friendly phone number that represents your company name, the products you sell or the services you render. It is easier to remember a name than a regular telephone number.

Vision Statement

To encourage all businesses in Nigeria to be subscribers to the SMAT NUMBER services…

Non Toll Free (0700)

Our Non-Toll-Free service is a cost effective business tool for branding and brand visibility. A caller to this number pays for the call. Read More

Mission Statement

To deploy latest cutting edge technologies and the best qualified and motivated staff to deliver high fidelity enhanced value added services to our customers.

Toll free (0800)

0800Number is the internationally recognized cross network toll free number that cut across all operators. A call to this number is free. Read More

Take advantage of these business tools for branding and brand visibility, greater business profitability and comfort in business transactions.


A SMAT Number spells your company name, product you sell, services your company provide or a special acronym that you select.

Non Toll Free (0700)

  • Memorable, easily recognizable, convenient to use
  • Improved communication accessibility
  • Attracts attention (tool for self-expression)
  • Personalized for your business
  • A marketing aid and indirect avenue to increase sales
  • Improves profitability
  • Improves customer service
  • Strengthens brand recognition
  • Helps increase credibility and prestige
  • Tool for branding and brand visibility.

Toll free (0800)

  • Encourages more people to call.
  • Indicates strength and stability that the provider or the subscriber of the toll free service has the capacity to carry his business and that of those that do business with the company.
  • Easily provide source of feedback.
  • A tool to project brand integrity and loyalty
  • Toll-free number provides an avenue to increase business patronage which in turn leads to higher profitability.
  • The best tool for customer service and customer care.
  • Tool for branding and brand visibility


This service permits subscribers to adopt their company’s name, services or products as their fax number. A FAX is created the same way as a SMAT name/number and has the same attributes as a SMAT Number except that it carries the fax prefix after the 0700 and 0800 platform. Example of SMAT FAX service is 0700 FAXALPHA



This provides the ability for anybody to set-up a conference of up to 50 people from anywhere by dialing 0700 70707070 and following the voice prompt. Read More


To dial a SMAT Number, press ONCE the keypad reflecting each of the alphabet that form the name you wish to spell on the phone. Read More


This provides the ability to host conference calls in your own dedicated virtual conference room. The customer registers or subscribes to a personalized 0700 Non Toll-free conference bridge vanity number of their choice. Read More


This is the toll free number dedicated to a company to host a conference. All participants to the conference are not charged. Read More