Alpha Technologies Ltd was incorporated in 1990 as a telecommunication contracting and consulting firm.

. ALPHA was repositioned in 2003 to pioneer the introduction of enhanced value added (special numbering) services into the Nigeria telecommunication network. ALPHA was granted licence to provide Enhanced Value-Added (Special Numbering) services by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in 2005.

ALPHA then developed some services that are meant to serve as business and marketing tools to attract customer patronage, enhance profitability, to enhance branding and brand visibility of a business. Services have been available to general public since 2007. A formal lunch was done at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel by the then senate president, Senator David Mark in November 2008.

ALPHA is directly interconnected to all the telecom operators and service providers in the Nigerian telecommunication network.

  • MTN
  • GLO
  • 21ST Century Technologies Limited
  • Interconnect Clearing House
  • Medallion

Alpha services are available nationwide and are accessible internationally.

Alpha was granted the approval of Pioneer Status Certificate by the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) in 2007 in recognition of her pioneering the introduction of Enhanced Value-Added (Special Numbering) services in Nigeria.

Alpha was recognized and given the approval for Patent Right for the adaption of Foreign Technology for local application.

Vision Statement

To encourage all businesses in Nigeria to be subscribers to the SMAT NUMBER services.

Mission Statement

To deploy latest cutting edge technologies and the best qualified and motivated staff to deliver high fidelity enhanced value added services to our customers.